Juliet’s First Birthday, Disneyland, and Family

The middle of summer was all about family time.  Adam came out from Ohio for a week and was able to see Jonae and Juliet before he headed back.   On August 2nd we had a little mini party to celebrate Juliet’s first birthday.  She is such a sweet, sweet baby!  Jonae and I took her to Disneyland the day after to celebrate.  Even though it was crowded and a little warm, we had a truly magical time!

Jonae left on Thursday to spend some time with her cousin and my parents arrived that evening.  We had so much fun babysitting – although, it’s easy to forget how much work is involved!  Between Juliet and the dog, there was always something to do!  There is definitely a reason God planned it that way…childbearing is definitely for the young (and not just young at heart!)

On Saturday, we ventured up the hill to my sister’s house and enjoyed a fun lunch with her family and Michelle.  We had a great visit and Juliet napped on the way there and the way back.  I really miss living close to them.

Jonae returned on Sunday and we enjoyed some pool time and a nice dinner.  My folks headed back to Tucson on Monday, and the girls stayed a couple of more days (compliments of the power outage that Delta experienced.)  Overall we had a wonderful time and our apartment worked out great for visitors!

The remaining days of August have been pretty calm.  The weather has been beautiful (80’s on average) and it still hasn’t rained since we’ve lived in Hollywood!  The terrible “blue cut” fire ravaged for days up near my sister’s – fortunately none of their family or friends were directly impacted, but almost a hundred people lost their homes.

We had a special treat last week when a sponsor provided Hollywood Bowl tickets to the people in Brian’s office.  We saw a tribute to Ray Charles and the orchestra was very good.  We had a really nice time and we got to check off yet another thing off our “what we want to do while living in Hollywood” list.

Jonae and her family are returning to California the end of September and we’ve scheduled a trip to Universal Studios.  Adam started a part-time job and is back in school.  Whitney is looking forward to her bachelorette weekend over Labor Day.  Mitch is contemplating a move back east.  It’s been a great summer and I’m anticipating all the blessings God will provide in the fall.  Check back soon for updates.  Much love to you and yours!