No Dumping…Drains to Ocean

“Did you ever think you would live in Hollywood?  Or somewhere the storm drain contains a warning about the ocean?”  No.  I honestly didn’t think it was a possibility.  Even when Brian first started entertaining (no pun intended…well maybe a little) the thought of applying for the job at Paramount Studios, I didn’t want to get my hopes up.  My mind was spinning with just the thought – and now we are here!  In our fourth week already!  Simply amazing what God can do when we don’t try to limit Him.

2016-07-19 17.03.37

The first weekend in July, Brian made a quick trip to Ohio to surprise his parents and attend the Cleland family reunion.  He had a great time and was happy to see several cousins that he hadn’t seen in years.  He saw a bunch of my friends at Erica’s annual pig roast and met up with Adam on his last night.  While he was away, I went back “up the hill” to my sister’s house where I visited with her family, Michelle and my parents.  We attended our first (and unfortunately) my last Drum Corp show for the season in Riverside on Sunday night.  Even Naomi had a great time as she met some friends at a new dog sitter’s home.

The goal of my first official weekend home (with no unpacking or planned events) was to get my toes in the sand.  Brian and I ventured down to Santa Monica pier and had a lovely lunch at the Mexican food restaurant.  We both enjoyed people watching and took off our shoes long enough to take get a picture.  Next time we will bring the beach towels and sunscreen – the rest of the weekend was spent lounging by the rooftop pool.

I love exploring Hollywood and Los Angeles on foot and via public transportation.  I try to take 2-3 excursions per week (I’m off work at 2p local time), even if it’s just to the food store and back.  Once I realized I could be to the front gate in about 30 minutes, I splurged and bought a season pass to Universal Studios Hollywood.  I love the atmosphere and truly enjoy the old “Studio Tour” tram ride that takes you around the sound stages and movie sets.  Although the pass is restricted most of the summer, I look forward to spending time there once the busy season is over.  Some of the rides there are pretty cool, but I love watching the people.  Evidently the people also get a kick out of watching me, too, as I made eye contact with a couple on a tour bus outside my home office the other day – you just can’t make this stuff up!

My sister and nephew Zander visited us for the first time this past weekend.  We had so much fun!  I met them at Union Station and was excited to show them our new home.  We enjoyed time at the pool (they met our new friends Carlos & Norma) and later we met Mitch and his friend for dinner near all the action (Hollywood & Highland area.)  Our 2 mile walk home seemed effortless as we took in all the sites on Hollywood Blvd.  Can’t wait for them (and you) to visit soon!

Not to neglect the rest of the family – Jonae & Justice sold their townhouse in Atlanta and have relocated to Southaven, Mississippi (just south of Memphis) where they purchased a new home.   They have several trips planned the rest of the year (one out here in a few weeks) but are anxious to get settled.  Whitney and Elliott moved to a larger place closer to her work and they are starting to engage in pre-wedding festivities.  Adam is scheduled to visit soon and both boys are looking for gainful employment.  We all look forward to being together in December for the wedding in Cleveland.

Lots going on the next few weeks – I will be back soon with pictures and updates.  Watch for God’s blessings in both the big and the small things…He won’t cease to amaze you.  Love to all!

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