It Turns Out a Little Distance Isn’t All Bad

Talking about the snow – of course!  The view of the snow covered mountains from the end of our street is just beautiful.  We don’t mind at all that the evenings are in the 30’s and the days approach 60 degrees – and it’s January!  Now we did have a very chilly December (the top of the swimming pool froze), but thus far, 2016 is a weather winner.  Let’s hope I don’t jinx it.

To start off the year, we have embraced a “healthier” lifestyle.  (Yes, trying to take off not only those pesky holiday pounds, but all the friends they gathered during the year.)  Goal of 10k steps a day and I’m back to drinking 2 ViSalus shakes during the week.  The scale is starting to move (the right direction) and I’m looking forward to my clothes actually fitting again.

My sister and I have been walking several times and my nephew has selected a Drum Corp to participate in for the season.  Pam and I were able to meet up with my elementary school friend Robin and we saw the movie “Sisters” – quite appropriate and quite hilarious!  I’ve also been able to go to Dana Point with my friend Michelle to visit her family…so nice to drive down the streets where I lived from 6-12th grade.  Most days I wake up and still can’t believe I’m living in California!

My sweet granddaughter Juliet turned 5 months on the 2nd and is coming to visit us (with her mommy & daddy) next weekend!  I’ve stocked up on diapers and am anxious to see them.  We will make a quick trip to Vegas to celebrate Jonae’s 30th birthday – where has all that time gone?  Excited to welcome in a new decade for my firstborn…so proud of her and the beautiful woman she has become.

One of the Northpoint sermons this year talks about how all “resolutions” in one way or another relate to the attributes of the fruit of the spirit….love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  I just love that – makes it so simple.  The pastor then encourages us to focus on just one for the entire year.  I decided to focus on self-control….my diet, my finances, all aspects of my life.  Fortunately I won’t have to go it alone – Jesus has promised to walk with me and lead me down the best path.  He’s always there for you, too.

Enjoy the rest of January – make every day memorable.  Check back soon for baby visit and birthday celebration update!

One thought on “It Turns Out a Little Distance Isn’t All Bad

  1. Love seeing that face with that infamous beautiful smile! Thevtine of your writing has changed a little and lets me know your comfort level has increased (?) I hope that is the case, that you’re, home. Still enjoying and cherishing and I live that for you. Know you are missed and that I am grateful for blogs and fb!!

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