Halloween California Style

Hard to believe I’ve been in California for three weeks already!  I’ve unpacked, found a church home, a hairdresser, a Fitness19, and a few Del Taco’s and In-N-Out Burgers!   I walk the dog 2-3 times a day and am amazed that I live somewhere that has palm trees.  God continues to bless me beyond all measure and I am so grateful.

Although we’re both working and maintaining households, I try not to go more than a few days without seeing my sister.  I’ve had the opportunity to attend Zander’s soccer games & practices, Kennen’s homecoming football game, a pizza party with my sister’s students and a Walking Dead get-together.  Pam and I have been to yard sales, out to eat, and have gone for a couple nice long walks.  It is exactly why I moved here.

It is a double blessing because while I am just one mile from my sister, I’m exactly 7 miles from my BFF Michelle.  We met in the 9th grade and she had a huge impact on my high school years.  I had a very nice visit & lunch with Michelle, her parents & her son the first Sunday I was here.  It’s really kind of surreal…we haven’t lived in the same city in over 30 years!   It is so fun to know that we can attend church together, grab a bite to eat or just go for a walk.  Forever friends are the best.

Halloween weekend was really fun (although they assure me it wasn’t this warm last year.)  Friday night I went to a trunk-or-treat with Michelle and her good friends Sue, Bill & their daughter Joy.  We had a blast walking around checking out all the costumes – the dogs had some of the best ones!   Saturday it was almost 85 degrees and I (finally) made it into our swimming pool!  Trick or treat that evening was fun in the neighborhood with Zander (no sweater needed!)  After church on Sunday, I was blessed to join my sister Pam & her mother-in-law for a wonderful lunch and stroll through the mall.

Back in Atlanta, my sweet granddaughter Juliet celebrated her first Halloween and turned 3 months old!  I’m thankful for FaceTime technology where I can see her and her parents almost daily.  Luckily I have a flight booked to see them in December – a quick visit between holidays.  Can never have too many baby snuggles.

Pretty sure it doesn’t get much better than that….oh unless you count the AMAZING sky tonight.  The sun shines a LOT here, but I am still getting my fill of cloud-filled sunsets.  Oh how I love them.

Thank you for continuing to follow me on this journey.  Special prayers for the family members of my friends Jen, Jody & Tracy – they are facing some very tough physical battles.   Until we meet again….keep looking up!

2015-10-18 16.54.48    2015-10-23 18.56.08 2015-10-23 20.02.39     2015-10-23 21.25.15

2015-10-30 17.52.26 HDR     2015-10-30 17.57.47-52015-10-31 12.46.44     2015-10-31 18.22.18

2015-10-24 10.36.49 HDR      2015-11-02 19.33.15 2015-11-03 16.35.56 HDR

One thought on “Halloween California Style

  1. So blessed that you are here!!!! I can’t tell you enough how much it means to me to have you so close! I love you beyond measure! Xoxo

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