So much to be Thankful for

I am thankful for you….readers of my blog that have blessed my life in an abundance of ways.  Thank you for staying in touch and truly sharing in this adventure we call life.  I praise God for you!

For those of you that know me, you won’t be surprised for me to say that I’m most grateful for Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.  He has made it possible for me to live on this earth with an unexplainable joy and for a hope for my eternal future.  I’m thankful for the sacrifice made on my behalf and the Spirit of the Living God alive in me.   My prayer is that every day I will have the opportunity to shine His light through my life.

The month of November has been nothing short of amazing.  At the last minute, God paved the way for me to join the Women of Purpose team in Honduras for the Revive weekend.   I can’t tell you how much fun I had loving on these special servants of Christ ~ beautiful women that have given up the comforts of living in the United States to minister to people in all walks of life.  A long weekend full of worship, Biblical teaching, prayer, laughter, tears, and hugs.  I’ll attach a few photos so you can catch a glimpse of what God did!

Life here in California continues to exceed expectations.  It is so fun when my sister stops by to pick me up…whether it’s for soccer practice, orthodontist appointments or to go shopping.  Adam arrived last week for the holiday break.  On Saturday, the boys and I took the opportunity to visit their favorite clothing stores in LA and a quick visit to the Huntington Beach pier (in time for sunset!)  It was 80 degrees on the beach in November…can’t get tired of that!

I hope that you have (or had) a wonderful Thanksgiving Day & weekend.  We’re headed to my sister’s where we will join my parents in a fun-filled Thanksgiving feast.  Keep your eyes focused on the most important reason for the season (Jesus!) and don’t let stress or full calendars steal your joy.  You are loved by an awesome God and by me!

2015-11-15 14.23.22

Halloween California Style

Hard to believe I’ve been in California for three weeks already!  I’ve unpacked, found a church home, a hairdresser, a Fitness19, and a few Del Taco’s and In-N-Out Burgers!   I walk the dog 2-3 times a day and am amazed that I live somewhere that has palm trees.  God continues to bless me beyond all measure and I am so grateful.

Although we’re both working and maintaining households, I try not to go more than a few days without seeing my sister.  I’ve had the opportunity to attend Zander’s soccer games & practices, Kennen’s homecoming football game, a pizza party with my sister’s students and a Walking Dead get-together.  Pam and I have been to yard sales, out to eat, and have gone for a couple nice long walks.  It is exactly why I moved here.

It is a double blessing because while I am just one mile from my sister, I’m exactly 7 miles from my BFF Michelle.  We met in the 9th grade and she had a huge impact on my high school years.  I had a very nice visit & lunch with Michelle, her parents & her son the first Sunday I was here.  It’s really kind of surreal…we haven’t lived in the same city in over 30 years!   It is so fun to know that we can attend church together, grab a bite to eat or just go for a walk.  Forever friends are the best.

Halloween weekend was really fun (although they assure me it wasn’t this warm last year.)  Friday night I went to a trunk-or-treat with Michelle and her good friends Sue, Bill & their daughter Joy.  We had a blast walking around checking out all the costumes – the dogs had some of the best ones!   Saturday it was almost 85 degrees and I (finally) made it into our swimming pool!  Trick or treat that evening was fun in the neighborhood with Zander (no sweater needed!)  After church on Sunday, I was blessed to join my sister Pam & her mother-in-law for a wonderful lunch and stroll through the mall.

Back in Atlanta, my sweet granddaughter Juliet celebrated her first Halloween and turned 3 months old!  I’m thankful for FaceTime technology where I can see her and her parents almost daily.  Luckily I have a flight booked to see them in December – a quick visit between holidays.  Can never have too many baby snuggles.

Pretty sure it doesn’t get much better than that….oh unless you count the AMAZING sky tonight.  The sun shines a LOT here, but I am still getting my fill of cloud-filled sunsets.  Oh how I love them.

Thank you for continuing to follow me on this journey.  Special prayers for the family members of my friends Jen, Jody & Tracy – they are facing some very tough physical battles.   Until we meet again….keep looking up!

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