We made it!

Erica and I had so much fun driving across the country.  Met some great people, drove mostly dry roads, saw some unusual sights, played at some fun casinos, and ate a lot of yummy food.   Please enjoy my quick summary (there’s so much I don’t want to forget!)

On Wednesday, we traveled along Interstate 20 from Atlanta through Alabama, Mississippi, and into Louisiana.  First night in West Monroe, followed by a gambling stop in Bossier City (pup Naomi went to her own hotel “Your Pet Butler” so the girls could play.)  We even stopped at a Schumacher model home in Shreveport for Erica to gather ideas.  We had a lot of fun and even had a small winning streak before we turned in for the night.

Friday was our *long* day (almost 13 hours in the car) – although we did stop and have a lovely lunch with Erica’s sister-in-law and her husband (thank you Jane & Chuck!)  We crossed most of Texas that day (beyond where I-20 merged with I-10) and we stayed at a hotel right off the freeway in East El Paso.  Saturday we cruised through New Mexico and into Tucson.  We had a wonderful visit with my parents (can’t go wrong with margaritas, flank steak and ice cream) and the pup behaved well.  On Sunday we dropped Naomi off at her own resort “Risen Star” kennel and crossed the Colorado River to Laughlin, Nevada.  The fun and laughter continued.

It’s funny how the shortest drives can seem to take the longest – and Monday was no exception.  Leaving our favorite gambling spot and squeezing the dog back into the car, we rolled into Victorville around 5pm.  My sister Pam and her boys came over to help us unload the car.  They were impressed with my pack job – little did they know that we would find 3 more loads in the back window and near the spare tire on the next day!  I have my dad to thank for that – an incredible eye for packing and a good sense of direction.  (Oh I also have his feet…LOL!)

My BFF from high school Michelle joined us all for a delicious dinner at the favorite Mexican restaurant.  It wasn’t long before we all settled in for a good night’s rest.  Tuesday we were spoiled to drive the rental car (Suburban) to Las Vegas and we really liked the ability to stretch out.  Erica was not disappointed with her first In-N-Out Burger experience for lunch and we splurged for Italian for dinner.   We spent a good deal of time gambling at New York New York before Erica boarded her 11pm flight home to Ohio.  I made it home safely (albeit late) and was so thankful I had also scheduled Wednesday off work.

The first couple of days here in California have been somewhat surreal.  I’ve been unpacking, setting up my office, picking up some household items, and getting acclimated to the time change (although I really thought it was 3 hours later tonight!)  I’ve been walking with my sister, had breakfast and went to yard sales with her and Michelle, and thoroughly enjoyed my nephew’s soccer game today.   The people are friendly, the driver’s nice, the sidewalks wide and everything is clean (even in the desert.)  I am truly humbled and amazed as God’s provision – not only for our trip, but for this incredible opportunity.  Thank you for joining me!

2015-10-07 13.27.15  2015-10-08 10.40.06  2015-10-09 08.43.28  2015-10-09 15.16.20 HDR 2015-10-10 12.24.43 2015-10-10 14.17.30 2015-10-12 15.10.57 2015-10-12 17.55.57 2015-10-13 07.29.37 2015-10-13 15.39.16

2 thoughts on “We made it!

  1. You are just a party,no matter what you are doing. Only Deanna could take an onerous journey and have a blast. You just keep splashing that joy, sister woman!

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