Great-grandma says she’s “Perfect”

Hello & Happy October!  Wow – time is going so fast!  (It’s amazing how that happens when we’re older)  We had a *wonderful* visit with my parents last weekend.  From the moment my mom held Juliet, she looked at her with such love in her eyes and repeatedly said “she’s just perfect.”  We ate lots of delicious food, watched golf and football, and even made it to the Georgia Aquarium on Monday.  Oh and LOTS of baby snuggles and holding Juliet time!

Brian and Mitch flew to California on September 26 as planned.  Flight was great and they even managed 5 suitcases and 2 carry-on’s without issue (well until someone accidentally took one of the black suitcases….but it was recovered a few days later.)  Their welcome into California wasn’t as easy as their departure from Atlanta…from over-crowded car rental lines, extreme traffic, missing suitcase, and then to arrive to our new home and find out the air-conditioning wasn’t working!   Exciting times, no doubt.  (I have a feeling Brian didn’t tell me “everything” he was feeling…thanks honey.)  A week later and they’re still figuring a few things out, but praise God the air and the internet are both working.

Although I was planning to go to North Carolina for a few days of sunshine (and pick up Erica), evidently God had other plans (as He so often does.)  Crazy, crazy rain they are receiving – what a mess for so many people.  Erica will now catch a quick flight to Atlanta and we will head west on Wednesday after lunch.  I’m hoping we can get all (or at least most) of our belongings into the car.  If nothing else, it will be worth reading my next blog to see how it all went down.

Thank you for taking this journey with me.  No matter how we met or how long it’s been since I’ve seen you, I feel connected.  And it’s a really good feeling.  Have a blessed week – love you!

Great-grandma & great-grandpa are in love.
Great-grandma & great-grandpa are in love.


And baby makes three!
And baby makes three!

Hands of time

Four generations
Four generations

5 thoughts on “Great-grandma says she’s “Perfect”

  1. Love, love, love the pictures. The love Pops off the screen in the pic of your parents holding Juliet.
    Safe and protected journey my sister.

  2. Greetings from lovely central OHIO. Beautiful family pictures and that 4 generation picture is priceless for generations to come!!! Love the Georgia Aquarium, there a couple years ago with my NC grandchildren. Safe travels and Happy Adventure!!

  3. Beautiful! Four generations of precious daughters of God! Thanks for the update, I feel like I’m going on your journey with you!

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