God has prepared a place for us!

Hello friends!  We have signed a lease for the *perfect* house in California.  It’s just over a mile from my sister, has an in-ground swimming pool & spa, accepts dogs and has plenty of room for visitors!   Our new landlord may just be an angel in disguise…he and his wife are even helping my sister search for furniture for us!  Beyond blessed.  Yet again.

Brian and Mitch will fly out west on Saturday, September 26th, and Erica and I will begin our drive a few weeks later (quick visit to the beach in NC first, then we can say we traveled coast to coast!)  I’m having a blast planning our trip.  We’ll be taking the southern route; stopping near Dallas to see my friend Karen and my parents in Tucson.  We’ll take lots of pictures along the way so you won’t miss a thing!

As excited as I am about the next 30 days, I don’t want to miss a minute here loving on our family and friends.  Baby Juliet is such a sweetheart and Jonae and Justice are doing a wonderful job adjusting to parenting.  Juliet went to church for the first time last week and also to her first Mexican restaurant.  I had a great time watching my co-workers daughter play volleyball (it’s been a long time since I’ve been to a middle school sporting event.)  We had a lovely dinner with our friend Mary and her husband Jeffrey – hard to believe 20+ years have passed since we dined together!

Today was an absolutely beautiful day here in Atlanta.  Temperature stayed below 80 degrees, puffy clouds passed by in the breeze, and the air was crystal clear.  The lights on the buildings were vibrant and sharp as we drove home.  Fall is (almost) in the air.  May God bless you and your loved ones abundantly!  Please know He alone has a plan for your life and loves you unconditionally.

California House First Restaurant Grandpa Brian Sweet Juliet!

One thought on “God has prepared a place for us!

  1. Unbelievable. And I pray He continues to BLESS your socks off while He keeps you safe and protected all along the way.
    Thank you for including us!
    Love you, Sister Woman.

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