Baby snuggles in Atlanta

Hello!   Just a quick update to let you know that things are going better than I ever could have imagined.  I’ve been in Atlanta a little over three weeks already!  The place we are renting is working out great (only 6 minutes door-to-door to my daughter’s) and I’ve had lots of snuggle time with my new granddaughter.  She is such a good baby!  Every morning, God reminds me that this is exactly where He wants me to be.  I am beyond blessed!

Because of my virtual job, I’ve had several days that I’ve been able to work from Jonae’s house and help her on my breaks and lunch.  Brian and I even had a chance to babysit for five hours a few Saturday’s ago – such joy!  This past weekend, we ventured down to Savannah to spend some down time with our friends Renee & Brock.  It is a beautiful city and we enjoyed wonderful food, drink and an abundance of laughter (even got to see Brian’s niece Katie and my friend Andrea!)

Our daughter Whitney will be down for Labor Day weekend and my folks here the end of September.  Likely to plan a quick getaway back to Ohio to hug my friends and perhaps a long weekend at the beach…then next stop California.  The house-hunt has started and we’re watching for the perfect match.  Excited to see what God has planned as my sister, mom and I begin to discuss the holiday & 2016 calendar.  Make sure your vacation plans include a visit!

May God bless you on this beautiful day wherever you find yourself in this journey of life.  Thank you for keeping in touch and reading the highlights of my great adventure.  I really do love you.

Why I moved here
Why I moved here
She's so adorable!
She’s so adorable!
Breakfast in Savannah
Breakfast in Savannah
Beautiful trees!
Beautiful trees!

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