Thank you for being my friend

Before I get too far removed from Ohio, I just have to post a quick note about my wonderful friends.  I took every opportunity to spend time with them this summer.  Just for the record, please know that I have the most *amazing* group of friends – they are without a doubt a gift straight from God.

My friends have graciously loved me, supported me, cried with me, traveled with me, laughed with me, studied with me, worshiped with me, and celebrated with me.  I would not be where I am or who I am today without the impact they have each made on my life.

Please enjoy my pictures!  If I didn’t get one with you – it doesn’t mean I love you any less – it just means we need to get together sooner.  I praise God for you and love you all so very much.

2015-07-28 20.51.10    2015-05-24 14.01.08 2015-05-24 16.34.22 2015-07-17 07.56.34 2015-07-17 07.57.11 2015-07-17 17.59.09 2015-07-18 11.39.46 2015-07-18 16.49.29 2015-07-19 22.36.07 2015-07-25 18.03.09 2015-07-26 20.36.11 2015-07-28 21.10.242015-07-29 18.16.202015-07-31 20.31.55

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