Baby snuggles in Atlanta

Hello!   Just a quick update to let you know that things are going better than I ever could have imagined.  I’ve been in Atlanta a little over three weeks already!  The place we are renting is working out great (only 6 minutes door-to-door to my daughter’s) and I’ve had lots of snuggle time with my new granddaughter.  She is such a good baby!  Every morning, God reminds me that this is exactly where He wants me to be.  I am beyond blessed!

Because of my virtual job, I’ve had several days that I’ve been able to work from Jonae’s house and help her on my breaks and lunch.  Brian and I even had a chance to babysit for five hours a few Saturday’s ago – such joy!  This past weekend, we ventured down to Savannah to spend some down time with our friends Renee & Brock.  It is a beautiful city and we enjoyed wonderful food, drink and an abundance of laughter (even got to see Brian’s niece Katie and my friend Andrea!)

Our daughter Whitney will be down for Labor Day weekend and my folks here the end of September.  Likely to plan a quick getaway back to Ohio to hug my friends and perhaps a long weekend at the beach…then next stop California.  The house-hunt has started and we’re watching for the perfect match.  Excited to see what God has planned as my sister, mom and I begin to discuss the holiday & 2016 calendar.  Make sure your vacation plans include a visit!

May God bless you on this beautiful day wherever you find yourself in this journey of life.  Thank you for keeping in touch and reading the highlights of my great adventure.  I really do love you.

Why I moved here
Why I moved here
She's so adorable!
She’s so adorable!
Breakfast in Savannah
Breakfast in Savannah
Beautiful trees!
Beautiful trees!

Thank you for being my friend

Before I get too far removed from Ohio, I just have to post a quick note about my wonderful friends.  I took every opportunity to spend time with them this summer.  Just for the record, please know that I have the most *amazing* group of friends – they are without a doubt a gift straight from God.

My friends have graciously loved me, supported me, cried with me, traveled with me, laughed with me, studied with me, worshiped with me, and celebrated with me.  I would not be where I am or who I am today without the impact they have each made on my life.

Please enjoy my pictures!  If I didn’t get one with you – it doesn’t mean I love you any less – it just means we need to get together sooner.  I praise God for you and love you all so very much.

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Currently residing in…. Atlanta, Georgia!

Last week was an absolute whirlwind in every sense of the word!  I hit the ground running after work at 4p on Wednesday (August 5) and didn’t stop until I helped unload the car in Atlanta at 10:30pm Sunday.  I was blessed to spend time with some of my truly amazing friends (thank you for your help) and only shed a few happy tears on the way.

In a nutshell, I sorted, packed, purged, organized, labeled, printed, laundered, emptied, carried, drove, vacuumed, swept, sweat, exchanged, bartered, thanked, encouraged, inspired, donated, borrowed, purchased, walked, hugged and smiled.   I lead the charge to move Adam into his place on Thursday (including driving the 16’ rental truck!), took the dog to Pet Palace for a short visit, sold some last minute items and took pictures to document what I left and what I took.  There were times I was *so* tired I didn’t think I could lift another thing, but God graciously provided the strength.

Even now I’m still catching up on sleep, but wanted to post so everyone would know we arrived safely.  Adam is back in Ohio and spending some time with friends before school starts the end of the month.  My family and I are doing great at the rental house – it is so nice to be so close to our daughter, son-in-law and new granddaughter.  God was with us every step of the journey – He alone controlled the weather, the timing & sequencing of events, the emotions, and the environment.  I cannot thank Him enough for all He does for me on a daily basis….He is so faithful and I love Him with all my heart.

Keep smiling and please check back soon.  Love you bunches!

Adam moving dayPacked Full Road trip with Naomi  Pup Naomi meets Juliet

God’s perfect timing (welcome baby Juliet!)

We’ve had a slight change of events over the last few weeks, and we’re happy to report that God has graciously taken care of every detail and every family member.  We are beyond blessed.  Here’s how it all went down:

We found out about two weeks ago that we were not able to move Adam into his college apartment until August 8 (or thereabouts.)  We switched up the move plans a little bit – Brian and Mitch planned to drive to Atlanta on August 2 and Adam would drive me down after we got him settled in.  We received the call around 7:30 Saturday morning (August 1) that our expectant daughter Jonae and her hubby Justice were on the way to the hospital to “check things out.”  My mind immediately started processing what it would look like if I needed to get to Atlanta quickly.  Fortunately the weekend was not full of things to do other than to finish packing and sorting through boxes.

By 9:15am, we learned her water had broken and she was in fact in labor.  Woohoo!  Plan B into action!  Booked a 3pm flight, packed the kitchen, did some laundry, showered and headed to the airport.  Brian pointed out how pretty the white puffy clouds were in the sky – I snapped a few pictures to document the glorious day.  I sat between two really nice people on the plane and they both had pictures to show me of their grandchildren.   Jumped on the Marta train to head to Midtown and arrived at the hospital around 5:45pm.  Jonae was uncomfortable (as you can imagine), but in good spirits.  Some nice nurses and medication helped lighten the load a bit, but exhaustion was setting in.  We dimmed the lights and started taking catnaps (as much as the monitors and seating allowed.)  Everything was going well – just moving slowly.

Justice’s parents arrived at 1am (yeah more new grandparents!) and joined our slumber party.  As dawn approached, us grandparents convened in the waiting room and awaited word.  The ability to push started around 7:30 and the first text picture arrived around 9:50.  Praise God – Juliet Marie Powers had been born!  She arrived at 9:39am on Sunday, August 2, and a perfect size at 7lbs 10oz, 18.5 inches long.  Mommy, baby and dad were all doing very well.

Fast-forward several hours… Mommy and baby moved to a larger room and continued to thrive.   Brian and Mitch arrived safely and were able to see Juliet before she was 12 hours old.  That evening, we met our new landlords and unpacked the FULL car into our new (temporary) home.   An afternoon flight on Monday delivered me into Columbus just in time (literally) to see my absolute favorite Christian artist, Chris Tomlin, live at the Ohio State Fair.  ONLY God can do that.

Overall an amazing, surreal weekend.  Hard to put into words the deep overwhelming sense of love, joy, peace and humility that embraces the entire spirit.  No doubt a small glimpse of what God experiences every time someone calls him Father for the first time.

Now in power mode – packing, sorting, cleaning and moving Adam.  Watch for updates once I arrive into Atlanta.  God Bless You and thank you for sharing in our life.  Love you all.

Puffy CloudsAtlanta Bound  Joyful ParentsBeaming Grandparents

Peaceful JulietSo Cute

Chris Tomlin Live