Christmas in July

How fitting that my very last weekend working part-time at Hallmark would include the 2015 Christmas Keepsake Ornament Premiere.  I volunteered to work the late shift (6p-2am) with a couple of other girls and I’m so glad I did.  We had fun prepping the ornament displays and organizing the “Snoopy themed” snacks.  A steady stream of customers until we locked the door a little after 2 this morning.  I returned this evening to complete my two year employment as we set to venture on our journey.  I am super thankful for the friendships I made and the experiences shared as a result of my time there.  Live as Hallmark says, “Life is a special occasion.”

Christmas was one of the central themes at our home last weekend as well.  We had a *very* successful yard sale and sold many of our treasures at a deep discount.  Brian sold a lot of outdoor Christmas decorations and lights and he has a nice little fund started for our California Christmas.  We also parted ways with hundreds of DVD’s that were taking up space (how silly that we thought we’d watch them over and over again!) and many household items.  Overall it was a great sale and it’s exciting to see the floors and shelves of closets, bedrooms and the basement.

The next few weeks will give us the opportunity to spend time with some wonderful people and to finish sorting, packing and purging.  Three weeks until we head south!  Stay-tuned and please keep reading!  God Bless You!

HP 1    Hallmark Last Day