Seven Weeks and Counting

Hello & Happy June!

Our family had an event filled month.  My parents came to visit from Tucson for two weeks to enjoy what may be their last visit to Columbus, Ohio.  Over Memorial Day weekend, our youngest son Adam graduated high school (yes, he made it!) and we celebrated a couple’s baby shower for our daughter & son-in-law.  We were blessed to spend time with new and old friends, creating memories and engaging in some good fun and laughter.  I took a few days off work to have carpal tunnel surgery on my hand (which is healing marvelously) and took in some fun city sites with my folks.

The first few weeks of June have been filled with college paperwork, apartment hunting, yard sales and the beginning of the BIG “purge.”  We are on target to depart for Atlanta on August 1st.  If all goes as planned, our new granddaughter will await our arrival (she’s due to make her appearance on/around August 10.)  We’re hoping to move Adam into his place the very end of July before we leave town.  A great time for him to be moving out – he will be able to take our family room furniture, table & chairs, kitchen accessories and more.  We’re excited for this new chapter in his life as he studies graphic design at a small private college outside Dayton, OH.

Please continue to follow our progress and post comments along the way.  Friends and family alike are intrigued by our journey and we want you to feel like you’re truly taking part.  For the next few weeks, there are still several rooms, boxes, items, clothes, memorabilia, papers and housewares to be sorted!  BIG moving sale on Friday, July 3.  Please keep us in your prayers as you know you’re in ours.  Love you bunches.  Stay tuned!

Final HS Graduation   Baby Shower