A Monumental Event

I’m not entirely sure where January went and I suspect February will soon be a memory.  Things are getting exciting as the countdown continues to Adam’s high school graduation.  Only 15 weeks left!  That’s less than four months.  Woohoo!

A monumental event took place at our home just a few weeks ago.  My dear husband held a Christmas sale and parted ways with some of his beloved treasures.  It was the first time in nearly twenty years that he sold any of his extreme outdoor collection!

One would never have thought that this day would come.  God started preparing his heart during this Christmas season however, as the annual display faced some mighty challenges:  huge wind storm, broken cables, busy work schedule, limited help, and sickness.  Sorting items into “keep” and “sell” piles forced him to think about what was most important (and what made the most sense to store and use again.)

The event was truly blessed as the January snow had melted earlier in the week and the sun made an appearance right before the mid-day sale.    Five or six families visited and they scooped up on some great deals.  My husband smiled as he made transactions and willingly watched the items go to homes where they would be appreciated and displayed for years to come.   (It may have helped that we put the money in an account designated for “future Christmas light displays.”)

One young boy displayed the “Clark Griswold” excitement as he wandered around the yard for over an hour and tested multiple items before making his selection.  His mom shared that he had decorated both his house and his grandmother’s this past Christmas.  Even at age eleven, he asked intelligent questions and it was evident he was hooked on extreme outdoor illumination.  My husband beamed with delight as was hopeful for the next generation of decorators.

This video was filmed last year but it will give you an idea of his passion.  As we continue to purge through items in preparation for our moving adventure, we hold fast to the amazing memories God has blessed us with.


Christmas sale