Blogging 101: All in the Name

When it came time to name my blog, I pondered several different ideas.  What am I passionate about?  What makes me tick?  What would not be easily misconstrued?  (I quickly learned that using a phrase I sign cards with often “In His Love Always” would not be a good website title!)   Even the name of a paper I wrote in my adolescence, “Paper Dreams” was already taken.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a bit of an obsession with the sky.  Clouds and sunsets.  As a child, hours were spent looking up noticing designs and patterns.  There was that cloud science project that never quite came together.   Multiple rolls of sunset pictures were taken and developed (yes, remember film cameras?)  I found a photo album from high school and I was not surprised to find several pages of sunset pictures.  I am (still) one of those drivers you secretly curse when you see me taking pictures of the sky while driving.

2015-01-07 13.52.01-1 2015-01-07 13.52.55 2015-01-07 13.53.15

Needless to say, I was very excited to find that the name “cloudsandsunsets” was available.  Hurrah!  And as I was completing my profile, I studied the name carefully and found an interesting twist:



I suddenly liked it that much more:  the name included a solid reference to my beloved beach.  Both options make sense and truly represent things I’m fond of.

How often do we view something and only see it one way?  Like those crazy drawings (do you see the old lady or the young lady in the hat?)  Sometimes we find the alternate view on our own, and other times it only becomes apparent once someone points it out to us.  Be open to different interpretations.  Ask God to allow you to see people, places and things through His eyes.  I suspect you won’t be disappointed.


4 thoughts on “Blogging 101: All in the Name

  1. Great title! I too love clouds and sunsets and beaches. I have so many sunset and cloud photos on my computer but, I just can’t force myself to weed them. LOL Many of my photos are taken while driving or riding in a car. 🙂

  2. Great job, Deanna! One day I shall visit the beach with you to see a cloud.sand.sunset! I know what t-shirt I’m wearing to small group on Monday! Enjoy your day.

  3. Your title is perfect for your subject matter. I’m glad the name you wanted was available. If it hadn’t been, He would have given you an even better one. And I just have no words for the shifting of the letters phenomenon. Isn’t it amazing when God opens our eyes to see things that were there all along? Beautiful photography.

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